Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The Big Bang a truly mystical event that is more complex
 than my mind can process. 
The Big Bang I envision is a mass of light, energy, the particles 
that created the universe, our solar system, and even life itself. 
Physics at its best. But I hate Physics!

Unraveling the Mystery     12" square

When naming the quilt, I couldn't help but sing my favorite theme song.  
Math, Science, Hystory, Unraveling the Mystery that all started with the  
Big Bang.  
I think the lyrics and the Big Bang TV show are both so cleaver. 
 I was happy to work on this project, humming the tune in my head.

I started with a black fabric, added a layer of black Mistyfuse, a rough cut circle of 
gold lame, then Angelina fibers swirling around the miraculous light,

bursting out into the void at immense speeds, 

resulting in planets, minerals, water, and life represented in the quilt fill patterns. 
  What I had envisioned as being encrusted with beads 
looked so meticulous and orderly before beading, 
I decided I needed to keep it free from the chaos of beads I had planned. 

I loved the challenge of getting out of my traditional wrapping
and putting together a more modern look.  Thanks Art Squared!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Connie! Looking forward to getting to know all my fellow squares!!!

  2. Perfect. I can see the big bang.

  3. This is fantastic Sue! The Big Bang surely was a mystical and your piece conveys that masterfully. Fabulous quilting too.

  4. Wow!!! Bang up job, Susan!!! Your quilt just glows. It doesn't miss those beads at all. Can't wait to get home and see this on a big screen instead this little iPad!!!

  5. Totally awesome and how you did it was exciting. Challenged me to be "more out of the box"

  6. Love the burst of color, fantastic quilting and love it.

  7. Hi Sue! That is amazing! Love the quilting and the feeling of movement.