Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ancient Voices

Who was the man that stood in front of this rock
in an inhospitable desert where once dinosaurs freely roamed
and felt the need to leave his mark in this place?
Was he simply telling the next people passing by that he was here?
Or that he was a great warrior?
Was he leaving a sign of the spirits he worshiped?
Are these shamans from his tribe ... or was he a shaman himself?

The dinosaurs left their bones in great abundance in these Utah hills
120 million years ago.  This artist of the Fremont culture
made his marks between 700 AD and 1300 AD.
To stand before these ancient beings carved in stone so long ago
is magical, mystical, humbling.
You can almost hear their voices.
12"x12"  Commercial cotton batik, cotton batting & backing,
discharged freehand design from my photo, hand quilted.
Dinosaur National Monument, Utah
(It really is square!  Bad photo.)


  1. Another really awesome piece, Meg!

  2. Fabulous Meg! Really cool discharge and of course your wonderful hand stitches.

  3. Great inspiration. Love the use of discharge.

  4. I love tribal things and you catch it perfectly.

  5. oh wow, this is really cool. The discharge is perfect, and I'm always inspired by your tiny stitches!

  6. So interesting Meg! Makes me want to attempt the discharge technique. By the look of all the stitching I'm guessing and hoping your hands feel better?