Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fireflies and the Poker Game

The word "Illumination" made me think of fireflies. Since my other three challenge pieces have been on the fantasy side, I decided to continue with this theme and have "Chip" and "Munk" (I know, not very original) be my main characters again.  They are enjoying a game of poker in their tree.

Chip and Munk captured some fireflies in a jar to provide their evening light. They have a competative game of poker going on in their humble abode.

This is Chip and he is made out of thread...lots and lots of thread.  I think he is going to win the hand as he has a pair of aces!


  1. So adorable Susan! I love the idea that they trapped the fireflies just to be able to play poker! Great thread work on the chimunks.

  2. Love the whimsy Susan. Great thread work!

  3. Chipmunks playing poker ... how sweet is that? Great job depicting those furry little animals, Susan!

  4. Aw you are so clever my friend! The light is my favorite. Sweet.